Mail Merge Google Docs

Mail Merge Google Docs and Google Sheets online with

Updated November 21, 2019 is the fastest and easiest way to mail merge Google Docs. There's no account necessary, no subscription necessary, and no signup necessary. Here's how it works:

  1. Select the Google Spreadsheet from Google Drive. You'll be asked to link Google SheetsSelect the CSV you'd like to merge
  2. Choose the specific sheet with all your variables. C
  3. You'll see alist of headers pulled from the selected sheetSee Variables
  4. Select "Template". You'll be taken to the next page to choose a template document. For each field you want to customize, make sure the template has a corresponding variable in the following format: {{variable}}. For example, if you wanted to substitute first names into the template, you would have "First Name" as the column name in the spreadsheet, and {{first name}} as the variable in the template document (variables are not case sensitive)
  5. Once the template document is selected, hit "Confirm"
  6. On the confirmation view, choose the output file format (.pdf is selected by default)
  7. Hit "Merge" and pay!

How to mail merge google sheets and google docs: Instructional video:

If you have a word document to merge, you can easily upload it to google docs, and use to complete your mail merge. Its fast, easy and low cost. Please email with questions, comments, concerns or suggestions.