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Effortless Mail Merges with Airtable Integration

Streamline Your Mail Merges with Airtable Data

EasyMailMerge.com is the ultimate solution for generating multiple documents using your Airtable data and customizable templates.

How to Use EasyMailMerge.com with Airtable

1. Start Your Merge: Visit https://www.easymailmerge.com/index.html#!/start to begin.
2. Connect Airtable: Click on "Connect Airtable" and authorize access to your Airtable account.
3. Select Your Base and Table: Choose the Airtable base and specific table containing your merge data.
4. Review Data: Confirm the selected data, including columns and number of rows.
5. Choose Template: Upload or select your document template for the merge.
6. Map Fields: Match merge fields in your template to Airtable columns.
7. Configure Fields: Set field types (text, email, URL, image) and default values.
8. Preview: Generate a PDF preview of the first data row merged into your template.
9. Finalize and Pay: Confirm your merge settings and complete the payment process.
10. Download Results: Once processing is complete, download your merged documents.

Why Choose EasyMailMerge for Airtable?

- Seamless Airtable integration
- Support for various field types including images
- Customizable templates
- Easymailmerge.com has the fastest document processing in the mail merge industry. 
- Secure and confidential data handling
- Convenient ZIP file download of all merged documents

Ready to Revolutionize Your Document Workflow?

Join countless satisfied users who have streamlined their document processes with EasyMailMerge.com and Airtable.

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